About us
High speed Internet
We are an Integrator of solutions and a telecommunications operator, providing high-speed Internet in all, even most inaccessible, places. We use the most modern wireless technologies – GSM, LTE, WiFi, 3G, 4G and we are ready for 5G.

In cooperation with large telecommunications companies, we provide Internet access in commercial buildings, implement smart building solutions and build modern wired and wireless computer networks.

Our offer is also addressed to all Internet users who, for various reasons, cannot use cable connections from traditional cable network operators.

For many years we have been providing wireless Internet access, among others in:

  • the biggest shopping centers in Poland
  • offices
  • hotels
  • sports facilities
  • restaurants
  • manufacturing companies and warehouses

We have provided internet access:

We provide uninterrupted Internet access to any kind of watercraft, regardless of its size and location. In addition, the device management system allows access via the Internet to the map with the marked current position of the unit, as well as remote technical support for the sailors.