Professional Internet access
in any location
We provide set-up and full service of wireless Internet connections: equipment (GSM and cable routers), transmission, installation and user support during the contract, service.

The offered solutions are faster and cheaper than satellite links, and the parameters of data transmission (delay / ping) are comparable to cable connections. Our company has the status of a Telecommunications Operator and can provide data transmission services from any location.

We provide Internet access virtually anywhere, including vehicles – cars, coaches, trains, yachts. Thanks to the solutions offered, passengers can use the Internet via the latest WiFi networks while traveling.

We guarantee fast and reliable Internet access. We service ambulances, fire trucks, trains, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants.

We offer long-term contracts as well as temporary contracts for several days or months.

Thanks to the use of professional GSM, LTE, CDMA solutions, cables and optical fibers, we provide a fast Internet for companies, institutions, retail chains, hotels, shelters, restaurants and cafes.

Internet access services
and remote connections to the business network
For our customers who cannot use traditional cable connections in their location as they have too little bandwidth or too high a price, we offer solutions that can satisfy even the most demanding users.
Highlights of our offer:
  • Connection speed – 10 Mb/s up to 300 Mb/s
  • Stability of connections (SLA up to 99.95%)
  • Coverage – practically 100% of Poland, also connections abroad
  • Full connection stability
  • Fixed IP network addresses
  • The bandwidth guarantee for the most demanding users
  • Security – business connections in encrypted, secured VPN tunnels
  • Any range – connections between branches of companies throughout Poland and in the world
  • The possibility of integration with company networks
  • Data limit – set by the customer, we also offer unlimited data connections
Mobile Internet
We offer some mobile solutions in vehicles – business and private cars,
in buses, coaches, trams, trains, on ships, boats, yachts, sailing boats.

For the most advanced customers, we offer connections for various types of drones and unmanned vehicles.
We provide:
  • Built-in GPS with the option of displaying position on Google Maps (Fleet management).
  • Devices adapted to work in vehicles and with various types of power (9-48 V), with public – road and rail – transport certificates, resistant to difficult weather conditions.
  • The possibility of installing in the vehicles connections using professional, encrypted VPN tunnels.
Maintenance service during use

Our offer includes installing the device at the customer’s and full remote maintenance support during the contract duration period. At the customers’ request, we introduce changes in the configuration, and help with
connecting devices to the network. We support our customers in integrating our connections with the
already-existing network.

Connecting company branches
We offer a service of linking connections between distributed company branches. Thanks to this service, authorized employees and co-workers of the company use the company network as if they were at the headquarters, being able to use all available resources (servers, printers, video conferences, etc.). We also offer mobile solutions for cars, especially useful for sellers who need a connection to the company’s network and devices that an employee can use on a business trip.

Connections are fully secure, encrypted and protected against telecommunications connection failures.

Backup connections
– backup links
At present, every failure of access to the Internet or a company network entails a downtime at work, which often results in high financial losses. For this reason, it is a good idea to secure your company using the backup / parallel connection serviced by another operator.

We offer the possibility of preparing such backup connections anywhere, using both GSM / LTE and cable connections.

We prepare cable connections for our clients, add LTE connections, and build secure connections that can be operated by 2 to even 15 different operators. In this case, it is enough that only one of the links works – the company can work all the time and users will not even notice if the operator’s failure occurs.

Temporary Internet connections
We offer construction of temporary, professional Internet connections and business networks based on LTE-Advanced solutions while waiting for cable connections or for a short period of time, e.g. events, construction sites etc.

Such solutions are often used by telecommunications operators for the duration of the construction of the cable connection to the customer. As a result, the operator gains time, and the customer can use the Internet access with the target IP network address of the operator with whom they have a telecommunications contract from the first day.

WiFi marketing
We offer the option of marketing activities (ads, surveys) on the start-up pages of WiFi networks which we install and service.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Smart City
Our offer includes solutions – links and devices – for the needs of Machine-to-Machine systems, such as ATMs, sensor monitoring systems, remote device control, remote device consoles. We guarantee the highest parameters of connection reliability, High Availability systems, backup connection systems.

We work with companies designing wireless communication systems for drones, unmanned vehicles, trains and other public transport vehicles.

We work with companies on projects such as “Smart Home” “Smart Office” or “Smart City”.

We offer various types of sensors of critical parameters – fire, smoke, smog, water, power failure, and other sensors.